HELLEXIST - Age Of Death

A follow up 7 songs full length after "World Disaster EP". Think of something you really hate in this world, that took your life away. Meet HELLEXIST, a brutal monster. Dark creature awaken as a mean total graveyard crust carrying metal chainsaw. Their music is so heavy and dark, you will die!

Track List:
01. Neraka Dunia
02. Bloodbath Continues
03. To Live To Die
04. World Disaster
05. Age Of Death
06. Chaos System 666
07. World Disaster (bonus)

List: DBR-027
Format: Tape
Released: 2013
Status: SOLD OUT


HELLEXIST - World Disaster EP

"As you run inside your room surviving from the disaster, time's ticking as the world collapse, your time has come, the end is near. It's your final goodbye. You turn on the cassette player, instead. Listening to HELLEXIST, "World Disaster" while the whole world burns to ashes. Goodbye fucked up world."

Track List:
01. World Disaster

List: DBR-025
Format: Tape
Released: 2013
Status: SOLD OUT


REPULSIONE - Blast Beat Generation: Discography 2005-2011

A real devastating powerviolence unit from Italy brings you nothing but the speed of apocalypse and thousands way to make your ear gone deaf! 44 songs of full speed drums-and-bass armageddon from their entire releases since 2005 to 2011.

Track List:
01. Agire Invano
02. Mente Distorta
03. C.S.O.
04. Giorno Di Ordinaria Lucidita'
05. Rimorso
06. Milite
07. Agonia Di Una Morte Lenta
08. Satana
09. Senza Titolo
10. Un Uomo Come Te
11. Hell In A Cell
12. Sottomesso E Contento
13. Pubblico Interesse
14. Fastcore
15. Genesi Del Potere
16. Noci Nel Culo
17. Automi Consapevoli
18. Ardecore
19. Cose Da Non Fare
20. Anti Human Powerviolence
21. Fast Allah... Fuck Islam!
22. Ne' Ora Ne' Mai
23. Futuro Inesistente
24. Dolore
25. Mr. Faster
26. Mr. Faster Goest To Europe
27. Uomo Civile
28. Gabbia Dorata
29. Vita Rinchiusa
30. Essenzialita'
31. Meglio Thrasher Che Crasher
32. Origin Of Control
33. L'Anno In Cui Non Venne Colto Il Grano
34. Tumore Nucleare
35. Fast Communism
36. Peristalsi Urbana
37. Powerviolence Is The Fastest Non Motorized Sport On Earth
38. Estensione Della Caccia All' Avifauna Durante Il Periodo Migratorio
39. The Death Of Michael Jackson
40. Coprolite
41. Pollution On The Top Of The World
42. Cartucce A Salve
43. Calvinism
44. Nominal Leaders (UNHOLY GRAVE)

List: DBR-024
Format: CD
Released: 2013
Status: SOLD OUT

Audio Lesion Records
Cikapayang Idea (Indonesia)
Bebal Mailorder (Malaysia)


POWER OF IDEA - Hardcore Sampai Mati

Japan brutal hc/punk since the 90's. This tape is released to support their show in Asian Punk Fest 2013 - ABC Partisan Gig, in Jakarta, Indonesia. 15 songs of fierce and brutal hardcore punk mayhem.

Track List:
01. Same But Different
02. Humyn Pressure
03. Break The Limit Speed
04. Words
05. Social Crime Dodge The Draft
06. System Japan
07. Power Of Idea (Centro)
08. Anti System
09. Proud To Be Punx
10. Slaves Of Western
11. Shout
12. Humyn Rights
13. Imasination Kill The System
14. For Resist
15. HC Sampai Mati

List: DBR-023
Format: Tape
Released: 2013
Status: SOLD OUT


ZUDAS KRUST - Dogs Of The Doomland EP

Raw punk D-Beaters ZUDAS KRUST hail from Jakarta, Indonesia and here is their Dogs Of The Doomland EP. Dogs Of The Doomland was recorded during the summer of 2012 and was mastered by Jack Control (WORLD BURNS TO DEATH, SEVERED HEAD OF STATE) at Enormous Door Studios. It was released by Doombringer Records (Indonesia), Live Fast Die Drunk Records (Australia), Rauha Turva Records (Czech Rep) and Delusion Of Terror Records (Philipines) in 2013. Music wise delivers five songs and nearly nine minutes of raw d-beat crust in the vein of FRAMTID, PISSCHRIST, KROMOSOM and the likes. Sound wise, J. Control did great work and delivers D-Beat crust via excellent and clear sound keeping the appropriate rate of rawness and distortion, the singer shouts in Indonesian language, one song has lyrics in English and inside the cover you will find all information about the record, lyrics, a small sheet poster and translation of lyrics in English. All and all this is an excellent record, there's nothing to complain about and delivers the goods.

Track List:
01. Menatap Senja Di Reruntuhan Kota
02. Petaka
03. Raw, Chaos, Ungovernable
04. Kota Pencetak Pendosa
05. Anjing Perkotaan

List: DBR-022
Format: 7" Vinyl
Released: 2013

Live Fast Die Drunk Records (Australia)
Rauha Turva Records (Czech Rep)
Delusion Of Terror Records (Philipines)



BOMBARDIR are coming from Jakarta, Indonesia. This time they are fusing apocalyptic d-beat terror to crushing hc/punk mayhem. AUDIOKOLLAPS hail from Germany and play 8 burly crust/grind devastation. Formed by RECHARGE members and will remind you of a brutal mixture of TERRORIZER and NAPALM DEATH of death, crust, and thrash.

Track List:
01. BOMBARDIR - Discrust Mayhem Bombardir Attack
02. BOMBARDIR - Aku Tetap Pada Jalanku (New Version)
03. BOMBARDIR - Cruelty Of War
04. BOMBARDIR - Food Not Bombs I
05. BOMBARDIR - Arogansi Seorang Diktator
06. BOMBARDIR - Food Not Bombs II
07. BOMBARDIR - Negara Ini Belum Merdeka
08. BOMBARDIR - Fight Back (Fight The System)
09. AUDIO KOLLAPS - Schuld
10. AUDIO KOLLAPS - Panzer
11. AUDIO KOLLAPS - Normal
13. AUDIO KOLLAPS - Deutsche Im Dübelwahn
14. AUDIO KOLLAPS - Zeit Zu Gehen
15. AUDIO KOLLAPS - Schmerz
16. AUDIO KOLLAPS - Der Letzte Schrei

List: DBR-021
Format: Tape
Released: 2013
Status: SOLD OUT


THE VAGINORS - Discography

Australia nonsense noise punk. 12 songs from their "Nuclear Papsmear" 12", and "Total Nonsense" 7".

Track List:
01. Ultimate Power
02. Old
03. De-Sex
04. I Have No Brain
05. A.D.D.
06. Spending Loud Night
07. Cry Baby
08. Vaginors Theme
09. Genius
10. Noize Hero
11. Total Nonsense
12. Total Control (SWANKYS)

List: DBR-020
Format: Tape
Released: 2012
Status: SOLD OUT


TEARGAS - Discography

TEARGAS is a powerful hardcore punx unit out of Brisbane, Australia. The drums are a powerful force throughout this record, blasting their way forward and laying the foundation for a ton of intensity coming from the guitars and the bass. The super catchy metallic and slightly melodic guitar riffs are a killer.

Track List:
01. The Way Of All Flesh
02. Cheat The Wind
03. Dark Half
04. The Unblinking Eye
05. The Shadow Over Dreams
06. Cold Steel
07. Pool Of Mercy
08. Simple Future
09. The Mirror Stares Also
10. The Sound of The Hammers Must Never Stop
11. Legionaire's Disease
12. It Does Not Permit Itself To Be Read
13. Demo Songs

List: DBR-019
Format: Tape
Released: 2012
Status: SOLD OUT