SATELLITE - Spoil Of Mass Raw Sound: Discography 1999 - 2011

What you see is what you get. Tons of songs from this legendary Jakarta raw punk. Scandinavian infused hardcore punk, all collected and remastered. Double cassette with poster, photos from different era, flyers, and everything you want to know about this awesome band!

Track List:
01. War
02. Drunk, Drug, Violence
03. Sistem
04. Chaos Day
05. Victim
06. Fight Back
07. Murder
08. Children
09. Brutal Police
10. Stop And Protest
11. War
12. Violence Is Back
13. Victim
14. Fight Back
15. Drunk, Drugs, Violence
16. System
17. Children
18. Murder
19. Chaos Day

20. Disarm Or Die
21. Worker
22. Fucker
23. The End
24. Killing To Life
25. Nuclear Blast
26. Marsinah
27. Brutal Police
28. Sisi Perang
29. Haruskah Kita
30. Janganlah Memandang Sebelah Mata
31. Tipu Daya Manusia
32. Krisis Sosial
33. Hentikan Perang
34. Tiada Lagi Keadilan
35. Kebebasan Tanpa Batas
36. Lapar
37. Awal Kerusakan

01. Globalisasi
02. Habis Gelap Terbitlah Terang
03. Amerika = Imperialist
04. Manusia Produk
05. Kapitalis Global Mimpi Buruk
06. Anti Media Mainstream
07. Derita Tanpa Akhir
08. Karvapen Attack
09. Rain Forest Down
10. Another Hope Another Hopeless
11. All Day Hell
12. Dapatkah Matamu Melihat
13. Kultur Barbar

14. Pelukan Terakhir
15. The Day After Tomorrow
16. So This Is A Freedom
17. Domination
18. Jadikan Kami Ancaman (Single 2005)
19. Uskonsota (Kaaos)
20. Haruskah Kita
21. Janganlah Memandang Sebelah Mata
22. Nasib Bumi
23. Sisi Kelam
24. Ambisi Gila

List: DBR-034
Format: Tape
Released: 2014
Status: SOLD OUT


PARALERPE - Demo 2014

PARALERPE is a hardcore punk jerk from Ciledug. This four-guy will bring you a straight blowing hardcore punk tunes. For the fans of such bands like STRAIGHTJAKET NATION, CAREER SUICIDE, JERRY'S KIDS, such a thing you should dig! 

Track List:
01. Tak Mengapa
02. Yang Maha Esa
03. LeGILAtif
04. Manusia Laknat

List: DBR-033
Format: Tape
Released: 2014
Status: SOLD OUT


TOM AND BOOT BOYS - Old Punk Generation EP

TOM AND BOOT BOYS. The one and only, TOM AND BOOT BOYS. The master of oi!/pogo punx. No more introduction required.

Track List:
01. Oi! Boy Oi! Girl
02. Kill Your Boss
03. I Hate Family
04. I Don't Need Society
05. Chaos Punx

List: DBR-032
Format: Tape
Released: 2014
Status: SOLD OUT


DAILY RITUAL - Depressed State EP

Do you feel Red Dons are taking too much time writing and recording their new album? Daily Ritual from Singapore is just for you. They will help you waiting for new material from their inspiration. Oh… I just compared Daily Ritual with another band in the first sentences of a review… Ouch… My bad… I’m not apologising though. This band wears it’s influences on their sleeves which makes it (a bit too) tempting to come up with this comparison.

This debut self-titled EP contains four songs that have strong Red Dons/The Observer influences. Calling them copy-cats wouldn’t do them justice though. There’s a sense of melody that adds influences from Swedish bands like Masshysteri or Gorilla Angreb. On the four tracks the bands outs an urgent political message. Unfortunately, with only these four songs, the EP is over before you know it, leaving you hungry for more! Recommended stuff!

Track List:
01. Slip Away
02. Violation
03. Depressed State
04. Human Condition

List: DBR-031
Format: Tape
Released: 2014
Status: SOLD OUT


LOCK OFF - Fuck The System EP

Loud, Pissed, and Punk. 6 anthems of dirty side of punk with dirty sound. Dirt everywhere. Punk as Fuck!

Track List:
01. Punk Against Police
02. Violent Country
03. Fuck Off Government
04. Box of Lies
05. Fuck The System
06. Religious Authority

List: DBR-030
Format: Tape
Released: 2014
Status: SOLD OUT


HELL ON FIRE - Rock 'N' Roll From Hell

A debut EP from this new motorcharged band from Jakarta. Playing ultra speed Motorhead with sheer melodies and graspy vocals. Not forgetting some DISCHARGE influence in it.

Track List:
01. My Self!
02. No Judge
03. Hell On Fire
04. Over & Over
05. Fuck Up Yours
06. Brother In Crime

List: DBR-029
Format: Tape
Released: 2014
Status: SOLD OUT



APPÄRATUS from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia plays Raw d-beat with obvious Swedish influences. Their debut album was released by Shogun in 2009 and they also put out majestic records like a split 7” with the mighty PISSCHRIST. They recorded a few songs last year and asked us to put them out to support their upcoming first European tour! So here it is!

Track List:
01. Wardogs..Tributen!
02. Aldre Men Javla Snabbare!!/I Krig Med Vikingarna!
03. Mästare Av Herrelosa
04. When Rotten Corpse Turned Into Fuckkin' Scapegoat

List: DBR-028
Format: Tape
Released: 2013
Status: SOLD OUT



HELLEXIST - Age Of Death

A follow up 7 songs full length after "World Disaster EP". Think of something you really hate in this world, that took your life away. Meet HELLEXIST, a brutal monster. Dark creature awaken as a mean total graveyard crust carrying metal chainsaw. Their music is so heavy and dark, you will die!

Track List:
01. Neraka Dunia
02. Bloodbath Continues
03. To Live To Die
04. World Disaster
05. Age Of Death
06. Chaos System 666
07. World Disaster (bonus)

List: DBR-027
Format: Tape
Released: 2013
Status: SOLD OUT