Friends who distribute Doombringer Records stuffs:

1. Bandung
Dendrew (Alternaive Records) - 085793555205
Dani Tremor (Milisi Kecoa) - 081809018141
Robi Gagah (Brigade Records) - 089650565111

2. Bali
Gilang (Ugly Bastard) - 081916477959

3. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Talib Joe (Revulsion Records) - revulsion@gmail.com

4. Selangor, Malaysia
Shariel Ein (Sukma Records) - sukmarecords@yahoo.com

*Anyone who'd like to help distribute our stuffs at your local scene, write us.

I started this label in the spring of 2009 when my band, ZUDAS KRUST, was having difficulties finding labels to released our first album, and there was a local label who failed to kept its promises to release the album. So i came in and funding its release. Then it all starting to became addictive, and i keep putting releases up until now, the time you see this page.

I love hardcore punk. Have some intimate relationship with d-beat, crust, grind. I also a diy enthusiast. I always looking for new materials to release especially local bands, so get in touch if you're in a band that might fit my categories.